Why feed your dog homemade meals?

To answer this question, first ask yourself what your dog really needs.

The basic principle of the homemade mix

If we stick to the basic principles of the Homemade Mix, the dog's diet should consist of:
- A source of protein
- A source of fat
- Fibre
- Carbohydrates
- The right calcium / minerals ratio
- A source of omega 6/3


Cellular and genetic evolution

The food must also be suited to the functioning of the dog's body. This means that even though dogs are descended from wolves, they are not wolves nonetheless. Their evolution over hundreds of years have not only changed their behaviour, but also a part of their genetic makeup.

The dog's diet must therefore be adapted not only to its physiological needs, but also to its lifestyle. This is why the dog is often referred to as an opportunistic carnivore. Its diet must contain a significant source of proteins, as well as fats, fibres, carbohydrates, calcium and minerals and a source of Omega 6/3. Concretely, yes, it's good for your dog to eat vegetables!

Food attentive to specific needs

Each dog has specific needs which depend among other things on its level of physical activity, age, race, possible lactation or gestation (for females), state of health, etc.

Since one dog is not like another, it is normal for each individual's food to be adapted to their specific characteristics. The homemade mix is therefore ideal to meet the specific needs of each dog. Be careful, however, to take advantage of all the benefits of homemade meals – they must be balanced.

Don't hesitate to use our free tool to calculate adapted and customised recipes for your dog.

Signs of optimal health

As in humans, diet, when balanced and adapted, helps maintain the animal in good health. This will help to avoid complications related to being overweight, digestion problems, etc. The following parameters will give you a good indication of your dog's health:
- Are the stools regular and solid? Is the urine yellow?
- Is the skin healthy? Is the hair silky and free of dandruff?
- Is the build normal? (The ribs should be slightly visible and you should be able to feel them when you palpate your dog)
- Does your dog have an appetite?
- Are your dog's lips light pink and not red or pale?
- Are the eyes bright? Are tear secretions moist, transparent and sparse?
- Is the skeleton straight? Does the dog have osteoarthritis?

The benefits of homemade meals

In the first place, it is important to stress that you have complete control over your dog's diet. This is very significant in the case of sick, obese, anorexic or even allergic dogs, because you simply adapt the meals according to their needs and/or preferences.

Generally, dogs digest homemade meals better. No more gastrointestinal problems (and the diarrhoeal stools that go with it).

Since homemade meals are naturally more appetising than biscuits, they are particularly suitable for dogs who are poor eaters, but not only! Most dogs (re)discover a real pleasure in eating (no offence to their owners).

Finally, unlike dry food, you get to see what you are giving your dog. You select the ingredients yourself, design the recipes and prepare the meals. In the end, what could be more normal?

For a balanced and complete meal, remember that a supply of vitamins and minerals as well as Omega 6/3 are essential. Discover our OmegaMix and AlphaMix supplements, available on the5 e-shop](https://www.dogocook.com/shop).

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