Alexis was looking for a new dog and he started to do research on what he could feed him. He started to doubt about kibble quality and started to discuss this with his family. His brother told him that he cooked for his dog Georgette everyday and that made Alexis think.

We started not only to cook for Rox the dog of Alexis, but also for other dogs and that is how we rolled into the home-made fresh food for Dogs. We had so many dogs we had to buy a proper kitchen and launched Dog Chef which provides healthy, tailor-made and delicious meals delivered at home for thousands of dogs…

More and more people asked if we couldn’t make a recipe calculator so they could also cook themselves and that is why we launched Dogocook

Our mission

From our experience at Dog Chef we understood that today about 10% of dog owners cook for their dog every day, but 90% of the recipes they prepare are unbalanced and not complete.

We wanted to offer an easy tool so that people could make a “tailor-made” recipe for free in less than 2 minutes and add the correct supplements. That is why we developed Dogocook, our own “minerals & vitamins” AlphaMix blend and our own OmegaMix superoil.

We want to offer a solution where people would find an answer to all their questions and the correct products so they could start cooking for their dog in an easy way with all the appropriate knowledge.