Before the invention of kibble 50 years ago, dogs ate home-made meals. Today more and more pet parents are returning to this fresh and natural food for its nutritional benefits and the pleasure it gives our friends.

Main principles of house-made meals

Cooking complete and balanced household rations is not difficult. However, certain rules regarding ingredients and proportions must be observed to avoid creating deficiencies.

50% meat, 30% vegetables and 15% starches

Household rations allow you to cook meals containing more or less meat / starches depending on your dog's situation and your budget.

Oils & supplements

To cook balanced rations, it is essential to add a vitamin-mineral complex as well as a source of omega 3 and 6.

Cooking for your dog has never been easier

Create a personalized recipe using our recipe calculator developed in collaboration with veterinarians specialized in nutrition.

Create your dog's profile

Fill in the important information: weight, age, body composition, activity level, ...

Choose the ingredients

Choose from hundreds of ingredients your dog's favorite

Cook our recipe

You will receive by email an easy-to-cook recipe with detailed instructions

Add the complements

Do not forget to add supplements (which you can buy here) to the meal for a doggie in great shape

Create a free custom recipe in 5 clicks

Clear instructions

Follow the steps and in a few clicks your recipe will be ready

Information on the ingredients

Learn more about the benefits of the ingredients you cook

A tailor-made recipe

Each recipe is different and takes your dog's needs into account

Take care of your companion

Our range of supplements developed with veterinarians specializing in nutrition will provide your dog with all the minerals and vitamins necessary for good health.


Alphamix corrects the Calcium and Phosphorus balance, supplements the meal with all the necessary vitamins and minerals and provides pre and probiotics for an intestinal flora in good shape.


Omegamix provides omega 3 and omega 6 to strengthen its immune system, reduce inflammation and maintain skin and hair.

A network of specialized veterinarians

Contact one of our specialized veterinarians for personalized advice

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Receive recipes already cooked at home

Don't have time to cook? Receive at home complete and balanced freshly cooked home-made meals for your doggie

Fresh meals like at home

Simple, human-grade ingredients cooked at low temperature.

Tailor-made for your dog

Portions adapted to the needs of your dog, several recipes to satisfy delicate palates.

Delivered to you every month

Free delivery in costs throughout France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.